• Platform: Large Language Models
  • Regulation: Begins
  • Technology: AI relies on centralized processing
  • Work: Writing emails, performance reviews, and making presentations
  • Social: “Your friend John is at the front door”


  • Platform: Assistive AI
  • Regulation: Companies held responsible for their AI’s actions
  • Technology: Self-contained, self-learning, AI chips are embedded in devices (like CPU’s are today)
  • Work: AI assistant learns from employee actions, automates manual processes, helps employee multitask
  • Social: “Your friend John is at your front door with a 6-pack of beer. Shall I unlock the door and invite him in?”


  • Platform: AI Beings
  • Regulation: Fails
  • Technology: AI Being instances are easily created with unique personalities, memories, and strengths
  • Work: Companies create AI being instances for job roles. Managers learn to manage AI beings. Meetings include named AI beings.
  • Social: “I’ve detected your serotonin levels would benefit from social interaction. Would you like to hang out with your AI friend John virtually?”