Ranking my ChatGPT Interactions

1.Give me a Chia Pudding RecipeTasty appreciation for something I never thought I’d try. Still…that texture though…
2.Provide a Sci-fi book recommendationGreat convo discovering preferences/past reads leading to an excellent read of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.
3.Why do joints hurt in cold, damp weather?I learned low barometric pressure makes joints angry.
4.How do I drain a hot water tank?Great instructions and a properly drained tank.
5.ELI5 Voltage, Amps, MAhAn “explain like I’m 5” illustration of the differences of each.
6.How to Remove a temporary tattooMy kid no longer has a lion on his (face) cheek. Use olive oil not water.
7.Oracle coding debugIt found my bug and saved me time.
8.Home networking unmanaged hub between ISP router and wireless routerIt said it’s possible and a good idea, but it wasn’t.
9.Odds of perfect sun/moon size and alignment during eclipse1 in a million chance but ChatGPT rejected creationism as a possible explanation leading to my first AI/Human tiff.
10.Explain quantum computingHearing an AI explain quantum computing and entanglement is the starter pack for an existential crisis. Not recommended.